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On the following subject areas we offer in-house training (including individual coursesto:
  • project management
  • business creation and business plan
  • Now are you an entrepreneur - what you need to know!
  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • revenue surplus account (EÜR) for small businesses and freelancers
  • association management
  • fundraising

  • labour
  • Disability Employment Act
  • General Equal Treatment Act
  • right of vacational rehabilitation
  • law of associations

Vocational rehabilitation:
  • Disability Management
  • Integration Management (BEM)
  • aids in the workplace (e.g. working title)
  • Acquisition of jobs for severely disabled job seekers
  • hard of hearing colleagues / customers / clients! -  What to do?
Soft skills:
  • social skills for deaf / hard of hearing people
  • increase the communicative competence
For deaf people all seminars are available in German sign language or carried out in loud voice accompanying gestures.
We communicate directly and without sign language interpreter with the deaf / hard of hearing people. In general, deaf / hard of hearing people can follow the lessons very well and understand the contents, which otherwise isn`t always the case having interpreters in the classroom.
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